Changes to the Domestic Building regime in Victoria

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  1. Angelo Simonetto says:

    Hi Suzanne
    A very good synopsis of the recent changes to the BA & DBCA.
    One further important change was the requirement for each practitioner to abide by a Code of Conduct. See ss177-177D. The Code may be prepared by the VBA or the relevant industry association (like the MBAV, HIA etc), but ultimately approved by the VBA.
    Obviously for those practitioners which are not members of an industry association, they will need to comply with a code produced and approved by the VBA.
    Unfortunately (for building practitioners) is that the Code can be used as grounds for disciplinary action where it is found that the practitioner has ‘failed to comply with a code of conduct’ see s179(1)(b).
    This we believe unreasonably extends a practitioner’s exposure further beyond the grounds that exist under s179.

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